Managing a Virtual Team During COVID-19


Managing a Virtual Team During COVID-19: Amelia Wilcox, founder, and CEO at Zenovate

Today’s guest on the Raise Up Podcast is Amelia Wilcox, founder, and CEO at Zenovate, a high-growth B2B company whose platform provides employee stress management tools that arm businesses with actionable data and employee experiences to improve well-being, morale, and engagement anytime, anywhere.

Recently listed as a “40 Under 40”, “Fast 50”, “Inc. 5000”, and twice-awarded “National Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year”, Amelia has exponentially grown her company from a solo living room service business to an international technology brand. She operates Zenovate with a virtual team and provides flexible work for over 1,200 practitioners across North America while balancing the demands of motherhood of her three daughters.

Listen in as Amelia shares how to optimize a work-from-home team setup, making yourself visible among your teammates in a virtual world, the importance of overcommunicating with your virtual team, and moving ahead in your career even during COVID-19.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Amelia’s virtual team at Zenovate is faring amid COVID-19
  • Standing out to your leadership team as an employee in a virtual world
  • Running a virtual team
  • Balancing work and family when working from home
  • Approaching your employer to negotiate a more flexible schedule
  • Building your brand and advancing your career in spite of the pandemic


Key quotes by Amelia Wilcox:

  • “Be visible, digitally, to your teammates. It’s more important now than ever to be visible because we’re not all together in most cases.”
  • “From the employer’s standpoint, I think it’s important that everyone sees that you’re present, because it’s so much harder to gauge people’s productivity nowadays. I want to see your green dot next to your name on Slack to know that you’re there. You just have to find ways to raise your hand and be seen.”
  • “The hardest thing with a virtual team is communication and that feeling of connectedness.”
  • “The more you learn and grow, the more the company is going to be dependent on you and not be willing to let you go.”

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