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Usually we’re talkin’ with industry experts, high-flyin’ CEOs or Human Resource Directors about how to get a raise at work!... 

If you’re like me, you listen to a podcast and hear something magic and you’re like “man, that is such a good idea. I should do that.” but you don’t write it down. Life happens and then you never think about it again.

So if you have 3 minutes to read this article, I pulled out the top 3 things people have been talking about the most from this podcast and I’m going to give it to you so you can take ACTION. 

Let’s gooooooo!

One of my very first guests on the show was my husband and baby daddy, Travis LeFever. I’m know I’m biased and we like him a lot, but you guys - he’s a really smart guy and has made a lot of money in his career, and all the reviews said he had some great advice.

Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you standing on the edge of your seat? 

The first thing he said that really struck me was if you want to get a raise, “you have to plan for asking for a raise.”   

Have you ever heard that old saying, and I love this one - about how “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

Some people think that means a physical step, but I have never done anything that I didn’t decide to do first.  

It’s a mental step - you have to decide you’re going to get a Raise, and then plan how you’re going to get there, and by doing that your brain will begin working on how to make it happen.  When you make a decision, it creates momentum for you to get started.

So decide & write it down.

And, trust me here, there is great power in the written word. My own experience and behavioral science shows that our commitment to a plan (and therefore the likelihood we’ll continue working on that plan) greatly increases when we write it down… I always hear Travis tell his classes “the magic happens when pencil scratches paper.”

Alright, time for number 2 - 

His second piece of advice was “you have to know what’s fair to you, and fair to your employer.”  that means you have to do some research.  

And don’t let that word fool you - all of us have been 25 links deep into YouTube before, where you start out watching a TedTalk or something educational and pretty soon you find yourself watching some video about Justin Beiber’s mom, if you haven’t done that you are way better than me. 

Research is very similar.  

Get curious about what people in your industry make, what people in your city make, find good sources of information, screenshot or print the different statistics and then sit back and compare your current compensation plan with that information. It’s not rocket science - so don't overthink it.

Getting a raise is a process, not an Event 

The third thing he said people thought was insightful was that “Getting a raise is a process, not an event.”  

I’ve always been told a process is the little things you do in a certain order to get a big thing done.  And that’s right. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish you have to do a lot of little things to do a big thing. 

So you need a process.

Thinking about a raise as a process, not an event, does two things for you: 

It takes the fear out of it - because it changes the potential outcomes from yes or no to “How long will it take?”  Do you see the difference?  It even feels different. 

If you look at getting a raise as an event, once you make the ask and get it or get turned down, then it’s over.  You’ll either be happy or extremely disappointed.  And when something is over it makes you stop working on it.

If you look at getting a raise as a process, then when you ask for a raise and get it, you‘re happy and keep on angling for the next raise. 

If you don’t get it, you’re still in the game, right, cause it’s a process. One No doesn’t mean it’s over, it’s just another step in the process.  You can’t fail unless you give up. There’s a lot of personal power in that way of thinking… 

OK - that’s it for today’s Raise Up Break Down Lesson - 

For all of our thousands of readers now, and in the future. Thank you so much! Share this with your friends. They deserve a raise too. 

Talk to you soon,

Amanda & The Raise Up Podcast Team


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