Raise Up is an informational, motivational and entertaining podcast for Millennials who feel underpaid and under-appreciated.

A lot of our listeners deal with narcissistic bosses, or lack confidence to ask for what they deserve, or simply don’t know how to go about getting a raise.

Which is why we: 

  • Reach out to high-profile people who have been you and can share eye-opening personal experiences.
  • Talk to the bosses that decide who gets a raise and how much—so that you know what’s happening in their heads.
  • Give you actionable advice that you can implement this week to start earning more from your job as soon as possible.

Hi, I'm Amanda

My first “real” job was waitressing and now I am a six-figure executive.

It took me a while to figure out how to move forward in my own career and I see so many people around me still struggling, job hopping while chasing a tiny raise and never really getting ahead.

I say enough of that.

The unpleasant fact is, it’s not your boss, your company or your industry that’s at fault.

It’s just that things work a certain way in corporate America and if you learn how they work and stay one step ahead, you’ll win “the game”. 

And it starts right here. 

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Hear from the people that give the raises

Raise Up is the mentor you never had — only better, because you get to hear from awesome new mentors every week.

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